Jaroslav Bejvl Jr. is a designer of lamps and light installations that can be found all over the world. He continues family tradition going back to 1962. Bejvl was selected by the Commercial Interior Design magazine as one of the 50 most significant influencers of interior design, who contributed to the development of this branch in the Middle East. Jaroslav Bejvl graduated from design, sculpture, and drawing. He was working in a studio of a well-known artist Dale Chihuly in Seattle, where he discovered some of the secret technologies of the glass industry. Bejvl’s works are characteristically created using traditional materials and craftsmanship, as well as the newest technologies, especially for interactive installations. This way, he creates pieces of art, some of which have already been chosen to feature in the Commercial Interior Design magazine.

Conference Room Chandeliers

The chandeliers’ design is a contemporary transformation of the basic chandelier structure inspired by the austere, functionalistic structure of the lights in the building of the High Court in Prague, which were created in 1930. Therefore, the chandeliers were inspired by lights dating back to the same era as the original hotel Passage. The chandelier’s monumentality is achieved by 16 metal branches, each of them 165cm long and decorated by glass tulpens made of Czech hand-cut crystal. The composition is completed by crystal prisms hanged from the branches. 

Atrium Glass Installation

The creation of the glass installation was initiated by Martin Rosol’s Foucault Pendulum, which is located in the hotel atrium and represents movement in time and space. The installation of the pendant glass components complements the pendulum and symbolizes the evanescence of life. The suspended drops pervade through narrow space, and each view-angle in various height and width gives the composition a different appearance. The installation is composed of 96 pieces of 120cm long, glass, handmade drops – dripstones. Rosol’s distinctive forming of the visual details is underlined by unique glass hues “February Blue”, “Smoky Taupe,” and “Amber.” 

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